On My Plate

On My Plate: Chapter 2

Yesterday I ventured out to get a bagel. It seems so normal, and yet, based on current life events, it’s the kind of activity that has my mother saying the phrase “just be really careful and safe.” But Brooklyn was desolate at 9 a.m. this Saturday, and the trees are starting to bloom beautiful flowers. So I took my time.

Some of my friends may not believe this, but I’m actually an introvert at heart. I gain energy from being alone rather than being with other people, so having all of this time really has been restful for me. Yet, this was the first week I was really starting to feel stir crazy. I miss dressing up and going into Manhattan. I miss wearing earrings. I miss the subway…nah can’t even write that one with a straight face.

Here’s my week in a snapshot.

  • My husband and I started watching Scrubs. For me, it’s the first time. For him, it’s probably his fourth. Maybe fifth? He loves it. You should have seen the look on his face when I offered it as our next TV show to watch.
  • I think I’m finally nailing down my sourdough bread recipe! We gobbled up two loaves in an entire week. I just need to get better at scoring bread, they don’t look very pretty on top. I’ll share the recipe soon, so for now, get yourself started on your own sourdough starter so we can make bread together.
  • I had a lot of people really love the cooking class I taught last week, so I’m teaching another—yay! I’ll be keeping it under an hour, because apparently Instagram shuts down and stops your live video at that point. Sigh.
  • They highly encourage New Yorkers to start wearing masks when they walk outside. We don’t have any, so we’re hilariously making our own with some of my scarves and hair ties. Here’s a tutorial we followed.
  • On Friday I was in desperate need of happy hour, so I tried to make it somewhat fancy after work. I baked some artichoke dip, served with carrots and chips, popped open a bottle of wine, and listened to a few records. It did help my cabin fever for the evening, but I miss going out.
  • Even if getting dressed for work isn’t the same as before, I’ve been upping my game. I’m wearing earrings. I’m wearing bright colors. I’m actually styling my hair. Which, of course, I realize I’m actually terrible at styling my hair. I’ve never really cared before, it just kind of does what it wants to. But I really want to get better at styling it! Do you guys have any tips? Hairstylists you like to follow? Please help, I’m getting desperate.
  • I’m gonna attempt making lemon meringue pie this weekend. Will I fail??? Stay tuned.

Easter is next week, and I’m feeling incredibly sad that I won’t be at church with all of my people, basking in this beautiful spring weather. I have to keep reminding myself that what we are doing is ultimately good, and staying home does mean loving on people well.

So in tough times, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing—share good food. I’ve heard from so many of you about different recipes of mine you are cooking, and it fills my heart with joy. We may not be close in proximity, but even online, we can share the experience of food and the table together. How beautiful it is that we can share a space like this.

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