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5 Ways To Wear a Black Dress

Right before I turned 24, my parents came into the city and treated me to a day of shopping. We hit up a ton of stores around Union Square and Soho, but for some reason, it was a total bust. Except for the new Kate Spade purse my dad bought me (praise), I wasn’t able to find any good clothes.

Nothing seemed to fit right, even when they were my size. Too loose. Too tight. Too short. Too long. After at least 5 different stores, we just gave up and got a drink.

A week later I hit up Target to grab some groceries and decided to give shopping one more go. I perused the racks, picked out a few dresses and shirts, and hit up the dressing room. I ended up having the absolute opposite response that day – everything fit perfectly, I felt wonderful, and I bought three new dresses and a shirt. Which, for my lack of shopping trips these days, felt like a huge win.

Now, this isn’t a huge advertisement for Target or anything, I promise. It’s just me simply letting you know that good style pieces are hard to come by, so when you find one, buy it right away.

 I bought this cute black dress (pictured above) that is sleeveless but comes up high on the neck. The lace hangs longer than the inner slip, which makes it a comfortable wear at work. It looks great on my body, and it makes me feel sexy. Like I said, great piece,  hard to come by, bought it immediately.

However, when it comes to buying new pieces like this, I tend to make up an outfit with it and then never try a new outfit with it ever again. For example, I wore it with this cardigan and thought “how cute, I love this outfit.” So from now on when I put on that dress, which items do you think I’ll grab to pair with it? That’s right – that cardigan, that necklace, and those boots.

But as I have made very clear in this blog entry, we all know that this piece is too good to just wear with one outfit. Black dresses are universal, and really can be worn in so many other ways! With a little spark of creativity – I put together a few outfits with my new LBD that I loved, and made a graphic to share with all of you:

Now obviously this is a bit winterized, because I’m sure you aren’t going to want to wear sweaters and blazers in the summer. But I think you can get my point. Don’t feel limited to the one outfit you put together once with that new piece you bought, like a new little black dress. Play around with your closet, try new things! It will help to expand your creativity within your means, and guess what, you won’t feel inclined to have to buy more pieces to go with your new piece.

What do you think? Save this on Pinterest for later, hopefully, to inspire you to wear your LBD in new ways. Or, to just try wearing different pieces you love with clothes you already own.

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