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25 Lessons for My Teenage Self

Today is my 25th year of life. Every birthday, I like to take time reflect on my life. That may sound a bit cheesy, but I find peace in taking time to really look at those beautiful moments—and hardships—that I’ve experienced so far.

For me, one of the significant points of reflection is seeing how far I’ve come since my teenage years. As a teenager, every experience can be influential on the rest of your life (both the good and the bad). When I was 18, I thought I had my life figured out. But now at 25, I am certainly not going to sit here and say that I do now. I didn’t at 18, I don’t at 25, and I have a feeling I won’t for a while. Honestly, it’s not really my job to get my life figured out. I believe there’s a higher power making all of that work.

However, I have learned quite a few lessons along the way. So this year, I thought I would reflect here on my little online space. This is for my teenage self. The girl who thought she had it all together but had absolutely no idea what was to come.

  1. Stop expecting life to go a certain way. It won’t.
  2. Don’t fight the change. You may not believe it now, but change needs to happen.
  3. Friends are easy, but true friends are hard to come by. Don’t lose them.
  4. Your professors are actually trying to help you. Keep those relationships.
  5. Hard work is good, but sometimes it’s all a game of luck. Don’t let it get you down.
  6. Eat more greens. Your body is going to feel so much better.
  7. Every single body is different. You’ll never look like her, so stop comparing yourself.
  8. Enjoy the season you’re in. Life is too short to not live it out.
  9. Write more. Trust me, you love it.
  10. Set some boundaries with technology. You don’t need it all the time.
  11. Read more books.
  12. If you don’t like something that everyone else does, that’s okay. You don’t have to be like them.
  13. Yes, relationships are work, but they should also be natural. Don’t force it.
  14. Calm down and take a 10-minute breather before continuing a fight.
  15. Money isn’t everything. Stop worrying about it so much.
  16. I know you love being impulsive, but maybe think it through next time.
  17. Give people more grace.
  18. Don’t take things so personally.
  19. The Bible is full of wisdom. Take time to read it.
  20. Pray more, even about the little things. Even when it feels silly.
  21. Put yourself out there. It’s hard, but you’ll become stronger because of it.
  22. Physical activity may not seem like a gift, but it is. Move your body.
  23. Take care of the earth.
  24. Speak less, listen more.
  25. Marriage is very, very beautiful.

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  • Reply SUe johnston

    You have always been wiser than your years. You were a remarkable teen and i always knew you would make a guge dufference in the World. I am proud of you. Ms j.

    February 12, 2018 at 8:19 am
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