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Fitness On Budget – Workouts for the Spring

More recently I’ve really been into working out and trying to eat right, and it’s actually been paying off! Since the holiday season I’ve actually lost 14 pounds, and hoping to shed a few more before the big day in a few months.

It’s been an incredibly hard journey, but a very rewarding one. I find myself experimenting with healthier recipes or trying new workout plans, and it’s been fun to give my body what it truly needs.

However, being on a budget means it’s a bit hard for me to have a personal trainer and all that. Currently right now I don’t have a gym membership anywhere (unless I find a killer Groupon), so most of my workouts happen right in my living room. I usually try workout videos, or I find workout plans online.

I think the problem with fitness and nutrition in the millennial generation is thinking that it’s not doable with a busy schedule, or that it’s not a habit people care about anymore. Instead of trying to be healthy, the new norm for this generation is to binge watch TV and order takeout. Not saying those things are bad, I did them this past weekend. But I think it’s a habit that should happen in moderation, and we should truly be caring about how we treat the bodies that we live in. Which is why I’m excited to provide all of you with a few workout plans to get your fit and healthy this season.

Low Intensity: Yoga with Adriene

This summer I tried the 30-Day Yoga Challenge on Adriene’s channel, and it helped my body to stretch out and relax in places that I was seeing lots of muscle cramps and aches. If you’re just starting to get fit, I would recommend starting with something like this.

Middle-Intensity: The Balanced Life

This is a completely free pilates and barre program for anyone interested in a middle-intensity workout! Her videos are between 10-20 minutes long, and Robin also has an incredible Instagram that shows her balanced life as a whole. She recently did a 30 Day Pilates Challenge last month, so we missed that train. However keep up with her website and I’m sure you will hear about more free workouts soon.

Middle-High Intensity: POPSUGAR Fitness

For free fitness, POPSUGAR knows what it’s doing. You can find numerous workouts on their YouTube page, and I’m also a huge fan of their workout infographics on Pinterest. I also like how POPSUGAR brings in different fitness experts to try different types of workouts, like this Beyoncé dance workout.

High Intensity: Kayla Itsines Biking Body Guide

People on Instagram are raving about this program, and I’m dying to try it this month. It’s a 12-week circuit training PDF guide that walks you through numerous workouts, starting from a bit easier to more intense as the weeks progress. Now the program is a bit pricey (the workout PDF is $69.97 alone), but I try to look at it as an investment. Think of it this way, say you get this workout program for the spring and summer, versus paying $15 or $20 a month at a mediocre gym. It’s worth the investment, and the results are endless (just check out Instagram and see them yourself).

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