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Workouts To Do At Home Or On-The-Go

It was Friday at 5 p.m., and I was out for happy hour with a few co-workers. We all crowded around a few tables, ordered glasses of beer and wine, and burned through a lot of topics. Two of the things I specifically remember from those conversations were the incredible invention of Movie Pass (seriously, how have I not known until now), and our workout routines.

A lot of people in the city are gym members. My coworkers discussed their different gym experiences, some bringing a few funny stories to the table. When my time came around to talk about working out, I simply told them that I had equipment in my apartment and I workout right in my studio.

“Wow, that must take a lot of discipline,” said one of my co-workers. “I feel like I would never have the motivation to actually do it if I’m already home.”

When it comes to creating a workout routine for yourself, everyone is different. For this specific coworker of mine, it’s easier for her to be disciplined about her workouts by setting a time and a place to do so. She likes keeping her workouts separate from her home life, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Like I said, everyone is different, so what works for me won’t work for her.

On the other hand, my coworker may think it requires a lot of discipline to workout from home, but I think it’s massively convenient. It saves me a ton of time and money, and I find it way more enjoyable. The last time I was a part of a gym was when I had a membership at DePaul, and I hated going. Sure I went, but it was always so uncomfortable to me. In that environment, it’s hard for me to actually imagine working out being a fun activity.

Now, with my own little at-home gym, I am way more comfortable and absolutely love doing my daily workouts. When I get home from work, I throw on my workout clothes and immediately turn on some type of fitness video. And the best part? When I’m done, I throw on my slippers and start cooking dinner right away.

For some of you, your workout “paradise” would be setting a time and location for your workouts, so maybe you relate more to my coworker’s workout regiment. But if you’re on the same page as me and would love the convenience of working out at home (or even when you’re on a trip) this is for you! I gathered some workouts for you to try right in your living room, hotel room, or Airbnb.

As for equipment, here’s what I use on a daily basis:



Workout: Blogilates – Lean Sculpted Body (30 Minutes)

Equipment needed: Yoga Mat

Can I do this on vacation? Absolutely!


Weight training

Workout: Tone It Up – Total Body Toning Workout (11 minutes)

Equipment needed: Yoga Mat & Dumbbells

Can I do this on vacation? Unless you want to travel with dumbbells, probably not.


Workout: Tone It Up – Total Body Tone Up (14 minutes)

Equipment needed: Yoga Mat & Dumbbells

Can I do this on vacation? Again, might be difficult. Unless you have access to dumbbells!



Workout: Get Healthy U – Cardio Workout (20 minutes)

Equipment needed: Just your sneakers!

Can I do this on vacation? Totally.


Resistance Loops

Workout: Spotebi Workouts – Home Band Workout (19 minutes)

Equipment needed: Resistance loops

Can I do this on vacation? Yes! These are very easy to pack and take with you.



Workout: Pop Culture – Gliding Disc Exercises (18 minutes)

Equipment needed: Sliders

Can I do this on vacation? These are also great for packing, so yes!



Workout: Yoga With Adriene – Yoga for Weight Loss (40 minutes)

Equipment needed: Yoga Mat

Can I do this on vacation? This is easily doable if you purchase a traveling yoga mat as well! Or if there’s a carpet, you could use a soft towel.


Looking to expand your at-home gym? I have a guide for you!


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