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Why Meal Planning Sets You Up For Success

Hey fam! So first, a bit of news. If you haven’t already noticed on some of my social accounts, I have a big announcement. I have officially been offered a writing job with Bustle! Every week I get to write awesome lifestyle content for the site. I seriously just write all day. It’s a dream come true.

However, my lunch breaks are short which means that I can’t mess around any more. Or quite frankly, snack all day, which was the rabbit hole I was going down during my unemployment. Now with a job, and a short lunch break, it’s time to be way more intentional about planning my lunches and dinners. Breakfast is usually small – a few slices of toast, or cereal, a fried egg, or a smoothie usually does the trick. So instead I concentrate my meal planning energy on the other two meals.

Now I am a full fledge believer that meal planning really does set you up for success. Why? Because it does for me. Here’s why:

No need worrying about what to eat every day.

How many times have you aimlessly wandered in the kitchen during dinner time, then end up making a box of mac & cheese? Or how about when you’re on your lunch break wanting every intention of buying something healthy, but land on a burrito yet again? You stress on what to eat when the time comes, then end up making unhealthy decision. Or at least I know I do.

However, if your meals are already planned and even prepped, there’s seriously nothing to worry about! All you have to do is pop in the microwave. You can enjoy your food and take that extra time you would have spent worrying (or even prepping) to do something productive – like read that long feature article, make a to-do list for your afternoon, or call a friend.

It forces you to eat healthier

Not only are you worrying less, but when you take time to plan and cook healthy meals beforehand, then you’re intentionally eating healthy without even realizing it during your week. What better way to set yourself up for success then putting together healthy meals (one’s that you’ll actually like) that will require zero effort during your week?

You’re spending less money.

I don’t even want to bother counting how much you spent on burrito bowls this week, but I’m sure it’s way too much. However, if you make those burrito bowls yourself (like the ones I made pictured on top), then you are spending less money overall.

Grocery runs will be way more productive.

When you take time to plan your meals in advanced while making a grocery list based on your meals, then your grocery runs will be super productive. It’s the unproductive trips that get you in trouble – when you walk into the store without a plan and end up walking out with more junk food then you can probably actually afford.

You have meals to look forward to.

If you’re cooking for yourself, then your meals are already a step way healthier than eating out all the time. So make things you’ll enjoy! I love following the meal plan videos Tasty makes – like their version of Burrito Bowls or these Chicken Salad Pockets. Also, you can try some of the meals on my 10-for-10. New one coming out soon!

Overall, your body will love it.

If you’re filling it with good, home-cooked food on a regular basis I know for certain it will experience a huge sigh of relief. Not only because you’re feeding it well, but because you’re stressing less about your food, spending less money on food, and taking that time to do the things you many not have time or energy for. It’s a success for sure.


Photo Credit: Monstruo Estudio // Unsplash

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