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The Five Minute Outfit Guide: Work (Winter)

The other day I was frantically scrolling through Pinterest trying to figure out what the heck to wear to work. I needed something – and something fast. Something that took, you could say, five minutes.

As I was scrolling through my boards I came upon an old idea of mine that I published a very long time ago: The Five Minute Outfit Guide. The idea dates back all the way to my Little Hobbit of Chicago blogging days, extra HOLLA if you’ve actually been with me for that long. I was so impressed with my idea (can you be impressed with your own ideas?) that I decided to reclaim what I once started. Screw capsule wardrobes – I’m heading back to my easy five minute outfit guide days.

Since I was looking for something effortless for work, I decided to put together an outfit guide that worked with all of the business-casual clothes I have acquired over the past few months. Here’s what I put together:

How does The Five Minute Outfit Guide work?

So here’s how it’s done. You simply pick one of the items from each category to make an outfit! Each item was chosen to work well together with other outfit combinations. Oliver actually did the math for me, and with this simple outfit guide above you can actually create 1,000 different combinations. Talk about a killer curated wardrobe.

Where are the other guides you have created?

We’re going to kick it back to the original Five Minute Outfit Guide that was published on my very first blog. It was originally created so I didn’t have to think of outfit ideas when I’m running late for class. I wanted opportunities to look effortlessly chic during my day, without feeling rushed or flustered to figure out the perfect outfit in the mere minutes I have before running out the door. Here’s what I originally created:

College edition:

I also created one for the summer, which was originally published on – the first publication outside of DePaul University that I worked for. Here is the second guide:

Casual (Fall) edition:

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