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Spring Wardrobe Cleaning Tips & Shop My Closet!

Every spring, I plop all of my clothes on the bed and sift through what to keep and not keep. It’s been a tradition of mine since I started shopping for my own clothes back in middle school – mostly because that meant giving myself more room for new clothes. Now it just means living extra minimally…and potentially making some money while doing it.

Last time I did this was right before I moved to New York, and I was able to get rid of 16 bags of crap. Yes that as more than just clothes, I Kon-Mari’d the crap out of my possessions. Sure it seems like a lot of stuff to get rid of, but I have never felt more thankful because our apartment doesn’t feel so stuffy with things that I obviously don’t need anymore. Thank you, minimalism.

Now let me guess what you might be thinking: I could never get rid of my clothes, how do you do it? Honestly, I think the first and most important step in spring cleaning your wardrobe is defining what your style looks like. I know how tempting it is to match all of the beautiful Pinterest models, but honestly, some of those styles just aren’t going to work for you. Why? Because you just won’t like them. So in order to figure out what style you do like, here’s a checklist I usually go through:

Figure out your top three outfits.

For me, figuring out my style means figuring out what my favorite outfits are to wear. I’m not talking specific items, but general outfits that look great with my body type and make me feel, uh, super sexy. Here are my top three outfits:

  • A-line cut dresses
  • Tighter tops with full skirts
  • Looser tops with skinny jeans/leggings

When I wear these three outfits I feel totally myself, and it makes it way easier to shop (and even spend less money) when I know exactly what I’m looking for.

Pick a color palette.

Now some people are really strict with this, like only wearing black or beige. Me? I like colors a lot with my outfits – and it’s tempting wear a ton of different ones all the time. Over the years I have found that some colors honestly look better on me than others, which is why I find myself usually sticking to a color palette of some sort. Here’s an example of what a color palette looks like (based on mine, obviously):

  • Foundational colors: Black, Grey, or Blue (Navy or Denim)
  • Secondary colors: Army green, Beige & White
  • Pops of color to finish: Usually in scarfs, accessories, bags, or shoes.

Get picky – list out what you don’t want.

This is going to probably be the hardest part of honing in on your style, but I promise it’s going to be the most rewarding. Figuring out what you don’t want in your wardrobe means finally saying goodbye to the stuff you have kept over the years that “someday you’ll wear.” I mean, we all think we’ll wear that when we lose 10 pounds, but in my opinion having those items just make me feel terrible about my body. Here’s the list I recently made that helped me to finally get rid of some of those items:

  • Clothes with stains (even if they are small).
  • Anything too tight or short.
  • Anything I tug while wearing.
  • Anything showing too much cleavage (just makes me uncomfortable).
  • Clothes that could easily stain.
  • Shoes that are way too uncomfortable. Sorry cute pumps.
  • Too tight in the arms & armpits.
  • Clothes that really aren’t my style. Sorry rompers.

After honing in on my style and going through my wardrobe, I ended up getting rid of some pieces that just don’t work for me anymore – but are still in super solid condition. So, what better way to get rid of them but sell them to my readers! You can now shop my closet on Poshmark, which is pretty much my favorite new app in the whole world. Join below and get $5 when you purchase something from my closet!!


Shop my closet over on Poshmark!
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Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the items. Happy shopping!

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