On My Plate

On My Plate: Chapter 9

We moved!

Just a five-minute drive down the road, so not too far. We love Brooklyn and we love our neighborhood, we just needed a little upgrade. So we found this absolutely gorgeous apartment that has a kitchen large enough to fit our table (bless up), a parlor area with a mirrored cabinet for our at-home bar (funny that I just did this bar post), and a bedroom with four closets. That’s right. Not one, not two, but four. It’s comical. I’m almost positive you could fit the entire main room of our first tiny Brooklyn studio in our bedroom alone. Needless to say, if you live in New York City, take my advice: Move south into Brooklyn. The apartment space you get is absolutely wild. 

I am writing this to you from bed, feeling sore in every single muscle in my body. I didn’t even think you could feel sore in your hands and your feet, but guess what people, it can happen. Our bedroom is already set up, so it’s nice to wake up to a clean room. But I know as soon as I walk out in to the hall I’ll be faced with boxes on boxes (literally) and another whole day of unpacking and settling in. We’re taking our time setting things up because we want them to look really nice, but boy, am I tired. 

We moved to our new place on Thursday morning with hired movers, and I am beyond thankful we did (Brooklyn peeps—use Dumbo Moving. They rock). They moved us from point A to point B in three hours, and after watching them carefully warp and move all of our furniture, I am more than happy to give them the money they deserve. I know movers can be expensive, but after watching it in action, I think the price is absolutely worth it. 

One mistake I made? Give the movers an accurate quote! I apparently missed a few things on ours (like our air conditioners and a few extra boxes), so we had to make a few trips back to our old place with this handy cart we found at Home Depot to move things. By the time we cleaned the old place and settled in, it was 10:30 pm. We scarfed down an entire Domino’s pizza, half a bottle of wine, and crashed. Hence why I feel sore literally down to my toes…but we were determined to be fully out of our old place on Thursday so we can spend the rest of the long weekend unpacking.

A few fun quirks about the apartment? Our shower has a sliding glass door, which feels so bougie. There’s laundry in the basement, so we can finally say goodbye to packing up suitcases and dragging them five blocks to the laundromat. There’s also a bike room in the basement, and we live right on a bike path in Brooklyn, so I will absolutely be buying myself a bike. The original owner of our apartment installed two sinks in the kitchen, which is hilarious. We’re still kind of deciding which sink will be the dishwashing one. Also, the oven is so much bigger and I literally can’t wait to cook my first huge meal. I know this post doesn’t have photos, but don’t worry, I’ll get more photos up on the blog when the apartment is finally set up.

Like I mentioned, the kitchen actually fits our table, so I’ll get to shoot all of my photos right in the same area I’m cooking the food in, kind of like my own studio. I’ve felt giddy about it for weeks, and I already decided what my first celebratory blog post will be so keep an eye out for that. I’ll give you a hint: Pie.

I know I usually round up a few links for you to read at the end of these, so please forgive me for having two measly links this week. As you can see, I’ve been kind of busy. 

First, read this essay on cooking. It made me laugh. I know as a food blogger I can make cooking kind of intimidating by posting beautiful photos. I want you to know that while I do work hard to make my photos look good, I also ensure that what I’m teaching you to cook will still be easy to make and taste delicious. And if you ever, ever have a problem with a recipe, contact me. Seriously. I’m here for your questions and want your feed back on improving recipes.

Second, I wrote this essay and posted it on Medium last Sunday, as a response to another essay I read about culture erasure in food media. It opened my eyes to some of things I was blind to before, and I’ve made a commitment to be culturally conscious with my work moving forward.  

Alright, that’s it. Roast up some artichokes and pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the long weekend.

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