On My Plate

On My Plate: Chapter 5

Does anyone else ever feel like their week went by incredibly fast, but also impossibly slow? I’m shocked that another weekend crept up on us, but also feel like I was dragging my feet throughout the week. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t go outside for seven days straight.

This week has surprisingly triggered a lot of self-reflection for me. I’ve been reflecting on my blog, my work, my marriage, my friendships, my health, my workout routine, and a lot of other things. I mean, I’ve even been reflecting on my beauty routine, something I never thought I would care about in a million years.

Being forced to stay home has taught me a lot about the life I used to lead, and what I would like to takeaway when all of this is over. When the quarantine lifts and life slowly returns back to what it used to be, it’s going to be a completely blank slate. What do I want to fill my time with? What do I actually want to say yes to? What do I want to prioritize?

Those are just some of the thoughts racing through my head lately, and quite frankly, causing me to get horrendous sleep. Yet part of me is happy to be thinking through all of these things. I’m being forced to think about the things I’ve seriously struggled with for so long, and I’m figuring out how to face them once and for all.

On a lighter note, here are a few things I’ve been doing this week that hopefully will entertain you like they have for me.

I saw The Cut wrote up a piece about debating Sex and the City in quarantine, and I couldn’t help myself. SATC is one of those shows I’ve avoided simply because I didn’t want to get myself sucked into another long television show. You see,  I’m not the biggest fan of binge-watching, because I hate how it makes me feel physically and mentally afterward. Yet recently I decided that if I limit myself to one episode a night in quarantine, that I would feel perfectly fine. Plus. SATC is a classic New York City show, and it’s almost a crime that I haven’t indulged yet. So I’m on episode 3.

I’m serious about reflecting hard on my beauty routine. I danced competitively and for theaters for so long that I really, really hate doing my hair and makeup. I had to cake on makeup and do up my hair for shows that it completely lost its appeal by the time I got to high school, so I’ve always been a huge fan of the five-minute makeup routine. I wear my hair pretty much the same every day—either down or half up—and haven’t even bothered trying to do something new with it for years. Yet for some reason, I realize how boring that is, and I can’t stop watching makeup and hair tutorials. I’ve been turning to Pinterest to look for new hairstyles and testing some out at home. Maybe I’ll actually come out of quarantine with four go-to hairstyles instead of two?

This week I attempted making bagels with my sourdough starter, following this tutorial over on Baked The Blog. It went decently, and the bagels tasted great the day of! I ended up freezing half of them and saving the rest for us to eat this weekend. But the day after I wasn’t really impressed with the bagel, it was really bready and dense and completely lost its flavor. Maybe I should have waited to review my own bagel on Twitter

I finished Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah and realized that I was completely wrong about my first reflection. The book isn’t a series, but it will be a series on Netflix—hopefully at some point soon. So I’m pretty pumped about that.

Okay, I think that’s all for now. My goal this weekend is to actually walk outside. My husband and I plan on getting some cocktails to-go from one of our favorite bars in the area. I say that’s pretty great motivation to leave the house, don’t you?

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