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My Top 13 Grocery Grabs For An Easy Week

I get it – sometimes you just don’t have the energy to meal plan. Sometimes all you have energy for is a quick run to the store, grab a few items, and just hope for the best. Which is why I think you desperately need a few easy grocery grabs for a healthier week.

While putting this list together, I realized that I tend to plan all of my meals around this list. I couldn’t help but laugh at how typical I am, but honestly, it just helps to know what I like. And what foods I like to cook, to be honest.

Something to note when digging into this list is the fact that you can’t base your entire week of food on this. For example, you’re probably going to want a huge bag of rice in you pantry, some olive oil for cooking, a few seasonings (my go-to seasonings are paprika and garlic salt), dressings for salad, etc. This is just a list to consider when heading to the grocery store with zero plan whatsoever of what you need for the week.

Grocery List:


Sweet Potatoes


Peanut Butter

Spring mix / Greens


Bell Peppers & Onions

Frozen Veggies




Dark Chocolate



Now what? Here are a few meal ideas to make with this list:


Scrambled eggs with bell peppers, onions & cheese

Apples with peanut butter

Yogurt with PB & berries

Sweet potato hash

Chicken w/ roasted veggies & sweet potatoes

Chicken burrito bowl

Berry smoothie


Salad with chicken, apples & cheese


Dark chocolate

Slices of cheese


Want to make your own zoodles? It’s easy! Get your own spiralizer now.

Not sure what other items you should have in your pantry? Consider stocking up on the following items to cook with your go-to groceries from above:

Pantry checklist:

Olive Oil



Dressing (Vinaigrettes)

Coffee & Tea

Canned beans & tomatoes


Hope this helps with your week ahead. Have a great week, fam!

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