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How To Create The Perfect Gym Right At Home

When it comes to working out, I always hear a lot of the same excuses: It’s too expensive, or I don’t have the energy to go, or the most common, I just don’t have the time.

Now I could sit here and say bah-humbug on all of these excuses, but to be honest, they are all very reasonable. Think about it: Why would someone pay X amount of dollars a month to have to go to a gym after (or before) work that will take a ton of time out of their schedule? It’s time-consuming, it’s expensive, and it’s certainly not convenient.

So no, I won’t sit here and say those excuses are lame. I think they are perfectly valid. Why? Because they were my excuses too.

But instead of taking that as an excuse to not workout, I did the opposite. Why do we make it so hard on ourselves when the solution is rather simple?

For me, the solution was an at-home gym. Instead of wasting almost two hours to travel to the gym, change, workout, then travel back, I just workout as soon as I get home. I slip on my t-shirt and leggings, set up my little shop, and 30 minutes later I’m all done and heading to the kitchen to make dinner.

Now I am aware that the at-home gym hasn’t always been effective. I think of relatives or friends parents that bought a treadmill or made a small gym at home and not once used it. Here’s the thing—no matter where you are, working out requires routine and dedication. Which is why keeping your gym and routine simple is especially key.

Plus, when living in a tiny studio like ours, having a little gym that you can pack up and shove under the couch really is prime. Here are the items that make up my little at-home gym:

Here are the item details (in number order):

  1. Dumbell 10 lbs, $9.49 each
  2. Dumbell 8 lbs, $7.59 each
  3. Dumbell 5 lbs, $4.69 each
  4. 20-50lb Super Band, $14.99
  5. Yoga Mat (3mm), $18.99
  6. Kettlebell set, $23.81
  7. Yoga block, $11.99 each

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