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Carry On Packing Guide: Volume 2 // Thanksgiving

I seriously cannot wait until Thanksgiving! I was fortunate enough to see my family during my wedding, but since wedding craziness obviously took over I barely got to spend time with them. Needless to say, I’m counting down the days until Oliver & I are off to Connecticut for festivities!

My family gets together starting Wednesday night for a big dinner together, which seems hilarious since Thanksgiving is the next day. But we’re a family of eaters so….

Plus who could forget that Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life comes out that Friday. 

A while back I made a carry-on packing guide that helped me pack less on a trip to NYC with Oliver (evidently that was the trip we decided to move here), and it blew up on Pinterest. Turns out people want a simple packing guide for weekend trips! Having a small amount to pack in a carry-on means saving a good chunk of change that would have been spent checking a bag.

Although Oliver & I aren’t flying this Thanksgiving, that doesn’t mean I want heavy luggage to lug with me onto multiple trains next Wednesday. As some inspiration for your packing list, here is what I’m packing and what bags I’ll be using to pack them in:

Dresses:Black Dress , Floral Dress // Shirts:Sweater , Black , Striped , Cardigan// Tights:Black , Grey // Pants: Jeans // Shoes:Loafers , Lace-Up Booties // Sleepwear:Pajamas // Accessories:Tassel , Collar , Scarf  // Bags: Backpack , Cosmetic Bag , Tote // Jacket:Peacoat

Next week I’ll be posting some insight on packing light and how I am able to put together a plan such as this, so stay tuned!

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