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Balance Means Enjoying Yourself—Which I’m Not Good At

When it came to my diet this past week, you could say it didn’t go very well. After coming back from a weekend trip visiting my folks, I barely had time to plan healthy meals and what not. so I ate lots of PB&Js because it was the easiest lunch to make—especially since all my free time has been dedicated to trying out a new yoga studio near my apartment. Still deciding if I like it; I’ll keep you updated.

Anywho, I’ve been feeling guilty about eating these PB&Js, while also eating some pretty carb-heavy meals every night. Sure I was doing yoga almost every day, but my body still felt very blah. I knew I wasn’t treating it the way I “should,” so I started to feel guilty and even emotional about the whole thing. It took every fiber of my being to not hop on the scale and see how much I’ve gained…because I knew that wasn’t going to go anywhere pretty for me.

So if course, as I sit down to write out a new newsletter for my week, I couldn’t help but think about the word “balanced.” I mean, I’m all about being balanced and healthy. But I think I was so focused on the healthy side of it that I forgot how enjoying myself, or even just planning simple lunches like PB&Js, are also part of it.

Now since living balanced is my current mantra (see my Instagram hashtag #ilivebalanced for the journey), I figured it was time to pull up the definition of being “balanced” and how that applies to my everyday life. Here’s what I found:


  1. Keeping or showing a balance arranged in good portions
  2. Taking everything into account, fairly judged or presented
  3. (especially of food) having different elements in the correct proportions

You know what that definition doesn’t say?

  1. Be perfect at everything
  2. Always be healthy
  3. And make sure you do both of those things no matter what

This week I just did a quick run to the grocery store to grab some necessities so I could make some of our easy go-to dinners. I was so drained on Sunday night that it was best for me to do something simple for my breakfast and lunches. So PB&J and a banana will do. That was me “taking everything into account” and “keeping a balance” by focusing on what was important (which, at the time, was me resting). Yes, I did eat more carbs than normal for myself this week—but that doesn’t mean I give up completely. I just accept that life requires balance, and balance means allowing myself to enjoy things free of guilt. Sometimes that means a bowl of ice cream at night or a week where I eat PB&J for lunches. I never promised to live a perfectly healthy lifestyle. Just a balanced one.

So in conclusion: What is your story, and where are you learning balance? Share on the hashtag #ilivebalanced on Instagram and follow my newsletter for tips on a healthy, happy, and balanced week ahead.

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