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6 Cheap Breakfast Ideas For An Easier, Healthier, & Stress-Free Morning

I know I’m always posting a ton of lunch and dinner meal prep ideas on my Instagram, but I promise, I eat breakfast too. I just have a secret: I tend to go for the same six things. I am most definitely a creature of habit when it comes to my mornings.

The thing is – what I’ve learned from having less options means having less to stress about during my morning. When my morning is calm and relaxed, it sets the tone for my entire day (which is also why I have a go-to night time routine). So, to put it frankly, less options = less to worry about. So I keep it simple when it comes to breakfast time.

I’ve never been one to just grab a granola bar and go – I always need something substantial during my morning…even if it’s just a muffin. For some reason muffins feel like a bigger breakfast to me than a granola bar, but I’m sure the bar has a higher count of protein. I also try to keep it on the cheap side (aka our life mantra).

So if you’re just like me and act like an absolute bear when you A) have too many options in the morning, and B) end up getting massively hangry, then maybe having some go-to breakfast items would be a smart move for you as well. Here are mine:

What are some of your go-to breakfast ideas?
Do you think having some would help you have a stress-free morning?
Would you feel healthier, too?

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