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Weekend Budgeting Reads

This week I’ve been doing some blog upgrading and a bit of research on what people want to know about thrifty living. Along with the more practical stuff about budgeting (which, don’t worry, we have worksheets coming via my newsletter), I also found that people just need cheaper ways to go about life. Food, style, how to make more money…all the more practical day-to-day tasks that require spending and how to lessen those costs.

Since I’m not the only website out there sharing smart tips on saving and healthy living, I thought I would share other posts that will help my readers continue to live a thrifty lifestyle.

Craving everything lately? Same. Here are some cheap ways to swap out those terrible foods.

Upgrade your sleepwear game before Thanksgiving with these affordable PJ’s.

Make some extra cash with these 11 things to sell.

Want to have $1,000 extra dollars by this time next year?

Don’t check a bag this Thanksgiving, save money with this carry-on packing list.

5 free ways to stay balanced while you are busy.

Also, 5 free ways to organize your digital life.

How to get boozy and eat vegan desserts this Thanksgiving.

Three home decor ideas perfect for budgeting minimalist.

Happy weekend everyone!

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