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Shop In Your Closet // My 5 Go-To Style Pieces // Vol. 1

Now I know this blog isn’t a fashion blog, because the world is already full with so many style blogs telling you what to wear, how to look, what to buy, so on and so forth.

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So I’m setting this post in a different kind of light. Instead of telling you what to buy, I want to encourage you to shop in the closet of clothes that you already own. My goal for posting these five go-to pieces are not to have you buy them as well, but to encourage you to choose items that make up YOUR personal style. I want to encourage creativity, not unoriginality.

One of the easiest money pitfalls that millennial women fall into is seeing a style piece on social media and instantly feeling that connection to it. If you’re anything like me, you evaluate your wardrobe and figure out all the reasons to why you desperately need that style piece, and how your wardrobe will “finally be complete” once you buy it. Which we all know is just a lie.

So in light of that situation, this series is to motivate myself to shop in my closet more and concentrate on pieces I already own. My hope for this post is to encourage my readers to do the same. I figured we could start a new social trend using the #My5GoTo on social media. This post is to inspire you to not only shop in your closet and pick pieces you already own, but it is a way for me to engage with my readers and get to know you through your personal style! So here are my current top five.

Black pencil skirt

Since I’m aware my body type is different than most women my height, I try to avoid particular pieces of clothing. In specific, I stay clear of shorts and pencil skirts. Yet this pencil skirt completely changed my heart towards black work skirts. The open flap in the front gives my bottom half more freedom when sitting down in the office or walking around, and also makes me less paranoid to fit in it if I gain or lose weight. Now I have a problem trying to not wear this to work every time I’m at my internship, because I know it will start to look strange wearing the same skirt every day.

Gold sunburst statement necklace

I’m a gold freak. I don’t bother wth any other color jewelry because I’m obsessed, which is why you will notice I only wear gold. So this sunburst necklace, courtesy of my amazing roommate who always seems to get the gifts right, is my new favorite accent piece. I love to wear it with any high neckline shirt or dress I own.

Striped long sleeve

Right now, it looks like I’m just really obsessed with black. But I think I can make that generalization and say that the winter does that to most of us. I love this shirt because it breaks up the black, and it can be styled multiple ways. Skirt, sweats, jeans, all will look great for any type of outfit I want to put together.

Black tote

I made a vow to my fiancé a few months ago that I would not buy a purse for another four years because this purse is perfect (you can read about it here), and I will continue to stand by that vow. This purse is perfect! It fits everything – my laptop, books, wallet, cell phone, and lots of pocket room for all the little things I need during the day. In a few weeks I’ll be using this bag as a carry-on for a short trip, so stay tuned to see how I try and pack this thing. Don’t even know how I will be doing it myself, but it’s worth a shot.

Brown booties

Lastly, winter is hard to dress up since the snow and the cold can throw off my wardrobe. Although I love wearing my comfy black winter boots, I know some days I need to dress up my outfit a bit more, which is why I turn to these brown booties. They help to dress up any outfit, give me a little height, and the neutral tone helps it to go with whatever color scheme I decide on for the day

Stay tuned for future My 5 Go To Style Pieces posts, and I would love to see yours by posting with the hashtag #My5GoTo. Let’s be financially efficient and shop in our closets!

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