Cheap Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

So the day that everyone loves (or possibly dreads) is coming up this weekend, which means it’s time to make plans. I’m also writing to the singles because this particular day is hard to be single, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan something fun with your other single friends who dread this day too.


So for the couples AND the singles, I think it’s time to plan something fun. Oh and don’t worry, I’m keeping it cheap, I know we’re all on a budget. Trust me, my boyfriend is excited over the fact that I’m totally 100% okay for him cooking a meal for me and spending a night in because one, it’s cheap, and two, it’s way less stressful. So I figured for all of you who need some ideas for plans this weekend, whether dating or single, here are a few to get the ball rolling.

Create a meal with ingredients you already have

One of my favorite all time things to do with my boyfriend is spend time cooking in the kitchen. It’s putting together two things that I love dearly. I love putting food on the table and sharing a meal with a person, whether it be my boyfriend, friends, or even family. There’s something magical about it, almost sacred. The twist to this, however, is trying to cook something with food that you already own. Look in the cupboard, empty the fridge, and try to invent something together. Trust me, if you need some ideas, Pinterest always has your back.

Indoor movie theater

Instead of spending money on a movie, create your own theatre! Plus the popcorn will be WAY cheaper. You can even create a set up in the living room! Put down a blanket and throw pillows, set up some of your favorite cheap snacks, and pick a favorite movie that you already own. Plus being able to stay-at-home instead of venturing out in the cold sounds so much better in my opinion.

Food crawl (french fries, ice cream, cocktails, etc.)

A few months ago, Oliver and I decided to search for the best set of french fries in the city. We tried going through a recommend list, but didn’t seem to find a place that we were settled on. Any who, it could be really fun to pick a food and do a crawl! The issue with Valentine’s Day is trying to find reservations or even a free table at a restaurant. So instead, take a less traditional route and do an informal (and cheaper) food crawl instead!

Explore a neighborhood

Here in Chicago there are numerous neighborhoods I have yet to explore, and still want to check it out. Pick a place you are dying to explore and take the day to do it! Doesn’t require a whole lot of money. I typically try to research the best coffee shop of the neighborhood and take an exploring break over a cup of joe. Could be even more fun with a friend or a significant other on Valentine’s day!

Night picnic

Okay so this may or may not work if it’s cold out, but this can be done both indoors and outdoors. I LOVE picnics. I especially love finding a fun bottle of wine or bubbly to go with the foods made for the picnic. Create your own romantic atmosphere by setting up a picnic. Don’t feel like cooking? Order your favorite cheap takeout instead!

Museums or art galleries with free admission

There are numerous museums that offer free admission in the winter, including the Field Museum in Chicago this month. Find out what places are offering admission for free this month and make a day of it!

Treasure hunt

Now I’m not saying go hide clues in little corners of the city and planning super in advanced, because that seems like a lot. But I think it would be fun to hold the clues yourself, and give a map to your significant other. Have them try to figure out the clues, and when they do hand them a new one. At the end of the map could be something fun that they enjoy, maybe a dessert or a favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant.

What other ideas do you have for Valentine’s Day? Would love to hear about the, share in the comments below!

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